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Apostle Nakaie Dorsey, is a native and resident of Dallas, Texas. Apostle Dorsey, a prayer warrior, an intercessor, a prophet, a teacher, a midwife for such a time as this, the mother of three beautiful children, Justin, Cameron and Shakur, is a chosen vessel of God dedicated and mandated under an Apostolic/Prophetic mantle to guide, nurture and teach throughout the nations about Jesus Christ. She is the Overseer, Founder and Pastor of Appointed Time Prophetic International Ministries as well as Founder and President of Out Of The Mouth Of Babes Ministry. Her dedication to help bring understanding and knowledge to all has led her to author Prophetic study manuals and books such as Pregnant With Purpose, Daughters Of Destiny and Command Your Mountain With Holy Fire. She has also been called to travel the world teaching the Gospel of Christ while assisting others to birth their purpose in the earth. Her personal initiative as an Ambassador for Christ includes a lifestyle of prayer and fasting over the nations and helping Children Rights in the economic and social development of her community. Her commission includes partnership with local community centers, school, and churches as well as providing a spiritual cornerstone in the lives of those who seek greater awareness.